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The Oliver Hoover Media center offers students a wide variety of media services in our media center. Our media center provides wonderful resources in all areas of interest. Our collection includes books written in English and Spanish. Students can choose from a large selection of books for research or enjoyment. Computer access is also available for students to log on to the internet for further research and information. Our media center is a great place to visit, pick up a book, relax and enjoy. Our media specialist Mrs. Montero is happy to help students, parents, and teachers with any questions they may have.


Our Mission

Oliver Hoover Media Center's mission is to collaborate with educators at all levels in assisting students to become active and creative locators, evaluators, and users of information. With these skills, as well as knowledge of the information search process, students will become skillful consumers and producers of information. This foundation will enable students to become lifelong learners in a dynamic and ever-changing world.

The OH Media Center's program facilitates this process by providing professional resources in a variety of formats, offering growth opportunities for students, and providing leadership in improving school library media programs and to provide resources that enhance our curriculum.

Specifically, the media center staff will endeavor to improve achievement by guiding students in integrating information literacy skills throughout the curriculum, improve reading skills by providing students with print, non-print, and electronic resources, and promote the use of technology to locate and use information.


Library Policy-

The Oliver Hoover media center functions on a flexible basis. Teachers are given passes for the library so that students can visit the media center. Students, teachers and parents use the media center for a variety of purposes. These include checkout, story-time, instruction and research.

Students in 1st grade visit the media center for story-time and book checkout every other week. Mrs. Montero travels to the PLC bi-weekly to provide story-time and book checkout to our Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Students check out one book and whether the book is taken home or left in the classroom is at the teacher's discretion.

Students in grades 2-5 may check out up to two books each time they visit the media center. Teachers are encouraged to send their students in small groups of up to five students, allowing sufficient time to browse and receive assistance from the media center staff.



Accelerated Reader

The Oliver Hoover Media Center actively promotes the Accelerated Reader Program. The quizzes can be accessed by titles, author, and reading level. This reading comprehension/ motivation program consists of computerized quizzes which students take after reading books. Students are administered the STAR reading test on the computer. This allows teachers and students to find out their independent reading range. Our AR books in the media center are marked on the top of the spine with a red tab to make them easily identifiable.


The W.O.H.E. TV news are conducted every morning from the Media Center's television studio and broadcast throughout the school via our closed circuit television system. Our crew consists of 16 fifth grade students in two teams. The groups will be alternating months. Each student is responsible for a different job each day so that they can experience all aspects of putting on a live broadcast. Every year, a new crew auditions and is chosen for the following year.



Library HOURS
8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Media Specialist
Mrs. Kim Montero

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